Heinz Ketchup Is Banned! There Are 3 Main Reasons Why You Should Avoid It Forever


Here is some info on Heinz ketchup and a lot of reasons why not to consume it due to its horrific side-effects.

This ketchup is banned in Israel, because of the low percentage of tomato in it, which proves it is not even ketchup.

Here are three good reasons why not to consume this product.


1. NNNo nutritional value

It does not have vitamins, minerals or fiber and it has a little bit of tomato paste that is useless. Moreover it is based on GMOs, chemicals and sugar.

2. High fructose corn syrup content

The high fructose syrup in this product is out of GMO corn. So heart diseases, obesity and diabetes have increased in people that have been consuming it. It is also rich in mercury, which is a toxic heavy metal, and as a consequence you will have to deal with a lot of health issues.

3. It contains sugar and distilled vinegar

This ketchup includes distilled vinegar and sugar, and each tablespoon , or a serving, contains 4 grams of sugar and that is quite a lot. But we have to mention that the distilled vinegar is made from GMO corn, treated with pesticides and toxic.

Moreover, it contain high sugar content, also GMO. The consumption of high amounts of sugar, and no other nutrients or fiber, significantly raise the blood sugar levels and causes pancreas and liver damage.

Keep in mind that in order to improve your health and prevent other health issues, you should not consume GMO products.

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