He Drank 4 Litres Of Iced Tea Daily: You Won’t Believe What Happened To Him!

He Drank 4 Litres Of Iced Tea Daily You Won’t Believe What Happened To Him!

Detailed laboratory tests revealed high levels of calcium oxalate in his urine, which is a symptom that presents itself with kidney stones. Black tea has high levels of oxalate and if consumed in large amounts, can cause stop kidney function.

Doctors have successfully solved the health problem that presented a mystery in one patient.

Ice Tea with Calcium Oxalate

It was thought that the man from Arkansas, who came to hospital because of nausea, weakness of the body, fatigue and body aches, drank more than four gallons of iced tea per day, writes Daily Mail.

Ice Tea Calcium Oxalate

Doctors were amazed when the man told them that he never had a kidney stone and that no other family members have had such a problem.

After through discussions, the patient revealed that he drank more than 4 litres of iced tea daily, which was what caused his symptoms and kidney problems.

Due to his kidney problems, the patient had to be put on dialysis immediately and because of the severe damage to his kidneys he will continue to be on dialysis for the duration of his life.

Ice Tea

“It’s the only reasonable explanation,” said Dr. Umbar Ghaffar, who in this case wrote an article about this for the “New England Journal”.

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