She Hasn’t Seen a Doctor For Over 40 Years Thanks To This Remedy! Here’s The Secret

She Hasn't Seen a Doctor For Over 40 Years Thanks To This Remedy! Here's The Secret

The most common reason to visit the doctor is due to colds and coughs. This is a natural remedy against colds, which will help you to settle down your throat and then cure it.

Quick and easy solution that will elevate headaches and coughing.

This natural remedy is easy to make and it is delicious. The ingredients that you need are easily accessible.


– Water
– Lemon
– Honey
– Ginger
– Clove
– Powdered sugar


Put 2 cups of water in a pot, squeeze half a lemon in the pot and add a 2 tablespoon of honey, some ginger and crushed clove.

Put the mix on heat and stir until it boils, then reduce the heat and stir for 15-20 minutes.
The mixture should be thick and dark as a syrup. When it cools down place the mixture on a baking sheet, with a table spoon make candies.

Now you have your natural candy that definitely will help you maintain your health, but on the other hand there are also very tasty. You can put them in the cup with hot water, leave it to melt, stir and drink.

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