This is What Happens if You Don’t Change Your Underwear Every Day!


It is an unwritten rule that everybody should change their underwear at least once a day. In today’s article we will discuss why this is so important for our health.

Why changing underwear is essential?

In that particular humid  environment bacteria can grow very fast, in addition, it can cause irritation if nothing else. 

Here are possible causes from failing to change underwear on time:

1. Excessive scratching

This bacteria can transfer to the skin and can cause scratching and causes bad odor.

2. Large rashes and irritation

It is a great possibility for irritation to appear, visible bumps may look like a heat rash at first but can become open sores if action is not taken. Also because of lack of air flow the recovery might take much longer than other part of the body.

3. The offensive strong odors 

There are big chances that if you haven’t change the underwear you probably haven’t took a shower. In this scenario bacteria, chafing, and all the dirty materials . Its flora can smell like a stinkweed if not properly cleaned and clean underwear is used.

4. Principal can develop infections

When doing some physical activity, excessive moisture will occur. humid environments are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Nasty infections often start by moisture and not change your underwear can only add to the problems. 
Cotton underwear are the best for your health on the other hand nylon and lace are not recommended.

5. The risk of urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infection is a very series problem. It causes a burning sensation when urinating and sometimes this feeling is unbearable. Anytime bacteria can make their way into the vaginal cavity even in the area of the bladder, which can cause infection. A urinary tract infection is not a symbol that will become a kidney infection. Wearing panties days old is a huge risk factor for ICU infections.

A change would do you good

So now you probably ask yourself how often should you change underwear to avoid this problems.
Well experts suggest that If you exercise regularly, you must also change every time you sweat. The main goal in this kind of situation is to be clean and fresh throughout the day, even if it means changing 2-3 times a day.

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