“Goldfish” – An Exercise That Will Become The Salvation For Your Spine

Goldfish -  An Exercise That Will Become The Salvation For Your Spine

It is well known that the spine is essential for the whole body function and if the spine is healthy that means the whole body is.

The famous Japanese healer Kacudzo Nishi always said that the reason for all diseases should be sought in the spine. Kacudzo is recommending daily practice of exercises “Goldfish”. This exercise strengthens the spine and has a positive influence on the general condition of man.

What is the uniqueness of this exercise?

Exercise “Goldfish” makes order and promote smooth function of the spinal column also eliminates pressure. It allows not only the correction of the spine, but also regulate physiological functions of all systems and organs, it coordinate the work of external and internal nervous system, it improves the blood supply to each cell in the body, corrects the posture and increases blood circulation. In addition, it improves the bowel function, liver, kidney, skin, heart and brain.

For maximum effect, the exercise is carried out in the morning and evening, starting with 1 minute, gradually bringing the time to 3 minutes. The result will be observed after a few days, and your body will thank you. You will love this exercise.

Exercise “Goldfish”

Starting Position: Lie on your back on a flat bed or on the floor, face up; stretch the hands as much as you can and place them behind your head; legs are completely straight, and your feet need to be at a right angle to the fuselage; your toes at all times need to strive for the face.


Pete and the thighs are resting on the floor (especially popliteal part).
Before the exercise, stretch out several times in a row until a count of “7” and cautiously, stretching the spine in different directions: the right heel pull it above on the floor, and the two outstretched hands at the same time stretch the opposite side; then, as you do, or to the left (left heel is moving forward on the floor, and both hands at the same time stretch the spine in the opposite direction to “7”). Repeat this 5-7 times, with each of the fifth and both hands.

Goldfish Exercise

Performing exercises:

Put your hands under the cervical vertebrae: bend your elbows, with the whole body weigh to the floor, your legs placed together, the toes tend to face all the “bumps” (ie, neck, shoulder, pelvis, calves, heels) to touch the floor. In this position, begin with a quick wiggle (vibration) of the body from right to left, like a fish that swims fast. Thereby, the backbone should be stationary and moved from right to left only soles that are at right angles to the body, and moving the head.

Imagine you are a fish and you start to vibrate your rape, your body will start to vibrate. This exercise should be done 1-2 minutes (or count to 120 or 240).

Goldfish -  An Exercise That Will Become The Salvation For Your Spine.

When you lie down with the straight spine position on the flat and hard bed or on the floor, stretching maximum fingertips on his feet, and vibrating the whole body in one time, time in the opposite direction to a length of 1-2 minutes (or 120 to 240 times), pumping blood in the veins increases because straining muscles in all parts of the body, especially in the veins of the lower limbs that makes the blood back to the heart. The blood flow accelerates.

At first it will be a little unusual, but you will quickly get used to it and you will love this exercise. The exercise is really great. After a short time you will feel all it’s benefits.

The video is in Russian, but I hope you will understand it. If you don’t understand the language, just follow the article and watch (Maja Gogulan, 60 years), anyway you just only need to look at the video and remember how to perform this exercise.

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