German Scientists Have Proof That There Is Life After Death!

German Scientists Have Proof That There Is Life After Death!

Is there a life after death? Mankind has always been concerned with—and developed numerous theories about—the afterlife, finally an answer emerged on the surface.

The Technical University in Berlin went through number of experiment to determent this occurrence. In this whole process of 4 years’ time, there were 944 volunteers subjected in this controversial experiment.

Complex mixtures of drugs, like epinephrine and dimethyltryptamine, were used to induce temporary state of coma and allow the body to survive without any damage after reanimation process. A mixture of drugs was filtered by ozone from the blood of the subject 18 minutes after clinical death was pronounced, during the process of reanimation.

German Scientists Have Proof That There Is Life After Death!

This experiment was conducted thanks to the new CPR machine called the “AutoPulse”. This equipment is used nowadays to reanimate people who had been death for 40-60 minutes.

The leader of the group of scientist was Dr. Berthold Ackermann who navigated the process and collected testimonies from the volunteers. What was most astonishing was the fact that all the statements were extreme similar.

“Most of the memories were very similar- feeling of levitation, warmth and security, feeling of being detached from the body, absolute dissolution, presence of some overwhelming light and total serenity.”

The subjects that were exposed to the experiment were from different religion like Christians, Jews and some of them were Muslims, Hindus and atheist. So the religious belief of each subject could not have held any incidence at all on their experience and sensation from the experiment.

In the past medical journals described this occurrence as hallucination, but as Dr. Ackermann is saying this is a clear proof that afterlife exists, like some kind of dualism between the body and the mind. One of the reason for that claim is the fact that if hallucination were the case, it is not possible for all the subjects to have the same sensations and experiences.

Dr. Ackermann states also states: “I am aware that the results from our clinical experiment will shock many people and disturb their beliefs. But in the same time, we have given a possible answer to the biggest question in mankind`s history. Indeed, there is life after death, for every single human being.”

Even the biggest skeptics are starting to believe in the fact that there is God and that after-life exists.

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