From the Old Russian Medical Books. In Just One Day It Will Cure Your Joint Pain

From the Old Russian Medical Books. In Just One Day It Will Cure Your Joint Pain

Something that a lot of people share is pain in the joints, mostly in the elbows, knees or shoulders, it makes every day activities to be so much more difficult.Mostly it can happen to adults, naturally because of the age.

It is not suspiring for people of young age like 25 to have the same problems. It doesn’t appear over night but there can be certain causes, like: trauma, fractures, heavy lifting, arthritis, rheumatism and so many other health factors.

If you are one of these people we have a natural remedy recipe prepared for you to reduce the pain and help you function normal again. It is a very old recipe, it’s been around for many generations circulation in Old Russian medical books.

Ingredients needed:

•- Hot mustard
•- Honey
•- Baking soda
•- Sea salt


In a bowel put all the ingredients and stir them till you get a nice homogeneous mixture. Use plastic, ceramic or wooden tablespoon. Finally place it in a empty jar.

How to use it:

Apply the cream on the problematic spot and put a plastic bag over and wrap it with a woolen cloth, preferably a scarf. Just leave the wrap lose and let it stay for 1.5-2 hours.

It is preferable to do it before going to bed, because you don’t move the joints and it allows them to heal much better.
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Have a nice and healthy day

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