Eat This Protein-Packed Breakfast to Reduce Inflammation And Your Waistline

Eat This Protein-Packed Breakfast to Reduce Inflammation And Your Waistline

The same breakfast everyday sounds boring and monotonic, so we have a delicious and healthy offer for you. A breakfast that’s healthy and also reduce inflammation and lose the excess weight.

It may sound like a lunch but the way the ingredients are combined makes it perfect for breakfast.

On one hand it provides you large dose of proteins and increase your muscle mass, on the other it promote weight loss and keeps you full for a long time.

Avocado Baked Eggs


– 2 eggs
– 1 avocado
– Pepper, salt, turmeric or cayenne pepper (to taste)

Essential source of protein are the eggs, they contain around 7 grams of it. Also vitamin D which is excellent news for your bone health.
Vitamin A which helps your eyes, vitamin B12, which is responsible for the regulation of red blood cells, B2 which improves digestion, and vitamin E which boosts the immunity, and promotes brain, eye and skin health.
The feeling of full tummy comes from the high amounts of fat it contain.

About avocados they are high in potassium, fiber, vitamin E, magnesium and folic acid, all of which are extremely healthy, help the detoxification of the entire body and help digestion.

The fiber that it’s rich in this food helps to remove the toxins from the colon. An healthy hormone production and control of the LDL cholesterol level are part of this package.

Method of preparation:

Just preheat the oven to 225°C. Than cut the avocado in half and take the seeds away, making room for the eggs. Using a spoon dig in the pieces of fruit and place the eggs inside the avocado holes and you can use the recommended spices for better taste and results.

After you finish with that, next step is place the avocado halves on a baking sheet and put them in the oven and finally cook until they are ready.

Source: Healthy Food House

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