Drink Coffee To Reverse Liver Damage Caused By Alcohol

Drink Coffee To Reverse Liver Damage Caused By Alcohol

If you enjoy coffee much as you enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverages, there is a great news for you. Alchohol has many negative effects on our body but still many of us drink more than responsible sometimes.

This is why a lot of people acquire diseases, including liver cirrhosis.But here is a useful information, especially for the ones who loves coffee, soon you will start to appreciate it more than ever.

A new study from scientist from United Kingdom suggest that liver damage that been made by alcohol my be repaired by consuming just two cups of coffee every day.

The Study Finds Connection between Liver health and Coffee

In these particular study that had been taking place in UK, which analyze data from almost 10 studies that had more than 4300, participant’s, they discover that two more cups of coffee daily can lead to 44 % less risk of liver cirrhosis.

This is a great news for coffee lovers. The numbers are in millions of people who day every year from this disease, which is caused by the excessive use of alcohol, along with others:

-Fatty liver disease (often lined to diabetes and obesity)
-Immune disease
-Hepatitis infections

In these position with cirrhosis can be life treating and often fatal.Moreover liver disease does not have cure.According to Dr. Oliver Kennedy, professor at Southampton University, drinking coffee significantly decreasing the chance of developing cirrhosis.

Coffee is a beverage that most people can cheap and can be tolerated.Ofcourse many people love it so it is much easer to fight cirrhosis.

Cirrhosis and coffee study

The team that studied effect of coffee in almost, 2000 people who have cirrhosis

Dividing them in to groups and the resultants ware the fallowing one:

-One cup of coffee every day can lead 22% less risk of cirrhosis
-Two cups made a change of 43% lower risk
-Three cups 57% decreased the risk
-And finally 65% with total of four cups

The statistic that were made in comperation with people who didn’t consume coffee.

This is a great news but still you should have it mind

-Beans used
-Brewing technique used
-Lifestyle of the drinker

There has been study made how much filtered coffee is much more efficient than when is boiled coffee.
Still there is a lot to be researched in this process, but so far this revelation is welcomed by many.

Source: www.stethnews.com

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