Don’t Use Cell Phone While Charging, Its Dangerous!

Don’t Use Cell Phone While Charging, Its Dangerous!

We are living in a time where smartphones are part of our everyday life. Even though they are meant to make life easier, sometimes they can cause harm.

One of these scenario is often when a phone is charging we are tempted to use it.

Also it is dangerous if we cover the device with our body, dress, or the bedding, as it can burst in flames. There are many incidents because of cell phones, one of it is about an Indian boy who suffered from hand injuries, because his phone exploded from a supposed expanded radiation caused by low battery.

Don’t Use Cell Phone While Charging, Its Dangerous!

There is belief that when the battery of the phone is low, the phone emits radiation. In reality is not the battery the root of the problem but the weak signal.

When there is a weak signal, automatically the smart phone works harder and the result is the phone emits more radiation. So next time when you are in an elevator or perhaps in a remote country sides, keep your smart phone at a distance.

In this case that we mentioned, the Indian kid used non-endorsed Chinese charger and there is a big chance this was the root of the problem. It is not unusual for many people around the world to use fake chargers. But by doing that you put yourself in risk.

The phone can even explode and cause serious damage to some of your body parts.

Numerous big companies, such as Samsung advise that the customers stay away from non-endorsed chargers when they charge their smartphones.

Now the mitt is clear that it is not actually the low battery that cause the problem, it is the low signal.

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