Do This Once A Week, And Say Goodbye To The Deep Wrinkles And Scars

Do This Once A Week, And Say Goodbye To The Deep Wrinkles And Scars

We all know that rice is good for our health, but most of us don’t know what can do for our skin also. This method that we going to show you in today’s article is traditional Japanese recipe that’s been around for many generations.

It works in a way that will promote skin health and rejuvenation, you will be surprised by the results in a very short time.
The reason why the rise is so important for our skin is because it’s high in linoleic acid and squalene, two potent antioxidants, this process release of collagen and thus decelerates the wrinkle appearance also the squalene prevents skin damage due to sun exposure.

Rice contain high amounts of vitamin E and gamma oryzanol, which promote heart health and lower cholesterol levels.
Just follow the given instruction and you will make yourself a natural mask that will help you with your unwanted skin complexion and will reduce wrinkles.


– 3 tablespoons of rice
– 1 tablespoon of honey
– 1 tablespoon of milk


First you cook the rice, then strain it and safe the leftover water. Second thing you need to do add a tablespoon of warm milk in the rice you have cooked, and a tablespoon of honey.

Apply the mixture on a clean and dry skin and leave it to dry.

When it dry wash you face using the rice – water, the reason why is because already contain antioxidant abilities, eliminates wrinkles, alleviates inflammations, moisturizing the skin and stimulates blood circulation.

What this mask does is make your skin healthy, hydrated and radiant. The recommended use for these process is once a week, your skin will look beautiful and you will look 10 years younger.

Source: Healthy Food House

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