DISCOVER ON TIME: 14 Signals That Your Liver Is Not Working Properly

DISCOVER ON TIME 14 Signals That Your Liver Is Not Working Properly

When the health is at stake, it is very important on the time to find the symptoms of the disease, so you will be able to consult a doctor and prevent further complications.

The liver is an extremely important organ, and the symptoms of his illness will not be difficult to identify.
The liver is a key organ, because your body constantly eliminates toxins. It also filters the blood from the intestines, process and store the nutrients, which are converted into energy.

Detoxification process that is performed by the liver has two steps: the first is to produce certain enzymes that make toxins less negative for the body, while the second connects these toxins to molecules making it easier to expel from the body.

The liver is very “busy” organ and essential for digestion, and due to increased intake of toxins in the body, through diet or from the environment, the function of the liver can be compromised.

There are several symptoms that indicate the slow work of the liver:

– Often leads to fatigue, even with minimal physical effort.
– Appear headaches connected with eye problems
– You are experiencing a pain in the joints and muscles.
– Come up with excessive sweating because the body releases toxins that the liver can not process.
– Leads to problems with the skin in the form of acne and eczema, as it comes to the accumulation of toxic compounds that the liver is not processed and released.
– Allergies frequently occur because the toxins accumulating in the organism.
– Come up with problems with constipation or diarrhea, and it is accompanied by pain in the stomach, as it comes and to flatulence.
– There is a problem with the cultivation, although it does not bring a lot of food.
– You are experiencing problems with digestion of fatty foods.
– Come up with bad breath.
– Appears hormonal imbalance, because the liver can not eliminate excess hormones.
– Difficulties in concentration and mental tasks represent a great effort.
– It is possible to report depression, even though you have not been exposed to trauma or event that could be the cause.
– The feeling of anxiety, because there is an impression that something bad is going to happen.

These symptoms can also be symptoms of other diseases, and to eliminate the problems with the liver, it is important to see a doctor, as well as day-to-day quality food.

Liver detoxification will best be achieved by introducing dally menu rich in fruits and vegetables, olive oil, fish and vegetable and meat protein. These foods can help in the regeneration and improvement of the work of the liver, and do not contain high levels of toxins. To protect your liver, avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine.

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