Did You Know That Only by Using a Potato You Can Light a Room For Over a Month ! – VIDEO-PROVE

Did You Know that Only by Using a Potato you can Light a Room for a Over a Month ! – VIDEO-PROVE

If a potato is cocked for 8 minutes has 10 times more power production that raw potatos have. This is a recent scientific discovery and it’s very suprising what a potato is capable.

Professor of science and agriculture, Haim Rabinovith discover that only by using units of slices of potato quarters located between the copper cathode and zinc anode, chained with wire, can be used to light a whole room with LED light up to 40 days.

It is an important discovery because there are still countries in the world that have struggle to supply power to everybody.

The main reason why potatos

As we all know potato can be source of energy, also it can act like a bridge when it comes to all metals. This process allows the electrons to move though and in that way to produce electricity.

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