Scientists In Amsterdam Just Destroyed Breast Cancer Tumors In 11 Days Without Chemo


Professor Nigel Bundred presented a study at the European Breast Cancer Conference, held in Amsterdam. In it the Dutch Researchers showed the results of using a pair of drugs on people suffering from breast cancer. The drug pair is known as Lapatinib and Herceptin.

Doctors already use these drugs in treating breast cancer, but separately. Now, for the first time they have been used together, prior to surgery and chemotherapy. In some patients with certain breast cancer types, it was eliminated in 11 days only.


These drugs were actually used to fight a protein which is called human epidermal growth factor receptor 2, or HER2. This is the most common cancer type to return.

The best thing about using this treatment is that chemotherapy and surgery are avoided. With them also the negative side effects like vomiting, hair loss, fatigue etc. Chemotherapy also is not that effective for some people, so this comes in as a good substitute.

Study Results

To conduct this study, there were 257 women HER2 positive breast cancer involved. Half of those women were using the pair of drugs, while the other half were in the control group. The study showed that 11 percent of the women had all the cancer cells destroyed with none remaining within 2 weeks, while 17 percent of the women’s tumors were extremely shrunken.

The women who were given just Herceptin had 0% success in eliminating all the cancer cells, while just 3% had a smaller tumor. What the study proved is that the drugs are extremely effective, but when combined. On their own, the effects are much smaller.

However, it’s bad that Herceptin is illegal to use without Chemo. The Dutch Scientists hope that this will change after their study.

A lot of people report defeating cancer with natural remedies, or just alternative methods to chemo and surgery. With medicine and technology rising every year, we hope we soon have a proven and safe way to eliminate cancer and it’s deadly effects.

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