CNN WARNS – Do Not Eat This Food Ever Because Very Dangerous Worms May Appear In Your Body That Will Harm You From The Inside!

CNN WARNS – Do Not Eat This Food Ever Because Very Dangerous Worms May Appear In You

Nowadays we live in a world where you have to be very careful about what you consume. Other that there are all sorts of unhealthy food on the market, there is some that you need to take extra precaution.

Moreover, this kind of food, once it enters your body it is very hard to eliminate it.

Stay informed!

Recent report from CNN shocked many people. A man who suffered from bad headaches and few more symptoms, went to a doctor.

When the doctor examined him, he immediately suggested an operation by all means necessary. Why? – Well, this man was infected with Taeniasis.

Thaeniasis is defined as an infection caused by parasites, and most of the beef tapeworm, pork tapeworm and Asian tapeworm.

This man made a trip to Thailand, South Korea, China and Japan, so he is assuming he got it somewhere on the way. However, he wasn’t sure exactly from where.

There are 2 source of infection:

– In the first place is the rare cooked pork from infected pigs.

– While the second is through contact with swine or human feces, this case can lead to infection of many tissues.

Furthermore, if a larvae enter the nervous system, it can be devastating and it can result in a condition called neuroticism. Although meat was not from the U.S. it is important to take extra precaution when eating these kind of meats.

According to the World Health Organization, almost one third of epilepsy cases in the countries where this infection is common are people who suffer from neurocysticercosis.


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