Child From A New Human Race Living In China

Child From A New Human Race Living In China

Dahua is a city in China, this is the place where a boy from a new human race lives. Nong Yousui has blue eyes with neon glow in the dark.

This miracle of a child can see in total darkness as much as we can see in normal light,

His eyes are so blue, even the native people from Nordic lands don’t have such.

This unusual news was first shared by his teacher on the internet. After the reports of this phenomenon spread fast, many people were sceptic about the situation.

Suspicious reporter from Beijing decided to check the information with specialists.

The experiment that was given proved the “impossible” speculations.

Little Nong is the first living man that can see in the dark.

According to specialists, this is not a random act of nature, but consequence of a mutation.

Watch the video and witness the powers of little Nong.

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