Getting Annoyed By Chewing Noises Is A Genuine Psychiatric Disorder


If chewing noises annoy you, I have some bad news… You’re mentally ill…


Many people do not know that they are suffering from this little-known syndrome disorder called Misophonia. You can easily detect if someone has it. Misophonia is when people get disturbed after hearing weird sounds. The word itself means “hatred of sound” but slurping and chewing are the main sounds that people are disgusted.


Worse Than It Sounds

It is a real disorder and people are struggling with it. They are distressed when they hear these sounds. And it causes frustration, anger and emotional imbalance. It is really affecting their social lives and relationships.


Do these sounds make you angry?

Some think that such occurrence is normal and there is nothing to worry about. Well, that depends on the levels of the misophonia.

People who are suffering from this condition are not telling about it because they fear they could be mocked. But we think you should consult a doctor and be open about it. It is not easy to be experiencing this condition.

There are no pills that can solve your problem. You have to speak it out with your family, friends or by consulting a doctor are the only solution to your condition.

It seems every they there is some new condition appearing, we hope that in future more cures would be found than medical conditions.

Sources: The Earth Child | Glossy Feed

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