Chemical Found in Colgate Toothpaste Linked to Cancer

Chemical Found in Colgate Toothpaste Linked to Cancer

A toothpaste that almost every family is using it is the Colgate. This information will sound more dramatic after you read this.

Namely a recent studies showed that the Colgate contains a dangerous substance, Triclosan, which can cause cancer development. The research that was published in the journal, “Chemical Research in Toxicology”, what happens the chemical helps the cancer cell.

Triclosan can also interfere with hormone function by passing through the skin.


Since 2008 there was a studies which indicated triclosan in the urine in nearly 75% of those tested. This chemical is often found in a laundry detergent, deodorants, hand sanitizers and antiseptics. Despite all the proves, this company still manage to convince everybody that their products are safe.

Canada Is the first and only county that banned Triclosan. In the end of the day is up to us to decide if we want to use what’s good for us or not.


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