Are You Using the Cash Machines (ATM)? Don’t Take the Receipt After the Transaction! Here’s Why!

ATM machine.

Recent discoveries about the special paper that is used for the ATM is absolutely shocking.

In a study it was discovered that people who held that paper in their hands, their Bisphenol A (BPA) levels in the urine dramatically increased.

Bisphenol A can cause hormonal disorders, also is linked to problems with the brain development of little children.

This chemical compound was found in some fabrics, those who produce canned foods, hard plastic and even baby’s bottles.

And just recently it was discovered that it also had been used for making the special ATM paper.

The usage of this paper is spread in numerous POS-machines in the markets, highways and other places. Many people are not aware of this problem.

The critical level of this chemical compound it is still unknown. People who work with this paper are the most exposed ones and the consequences to many of them is still unknown.

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