Cancer Packed In Cans

Cancer Packed In Cans

Many will be surprised how this salty snack, like all others in similar packaging – cans, isn’t actually made from potatoes in the form that we all know.

In the first stage of production ingredients like rice, wheat, corn and potato flakes are mixed to create a dough mixture.

That mixture is then shaped into circle molds. The molds then end up in hot oil and then are speed dried.

In the last stage the chips is sprayed with various flavours and then packed in cans.

But one of the most dangerous additives of this popular snack is not added in the manufacturing process but is a by-product in the production.

Acrylamide, a dangerous cancerous substance, which is well known to cause cancer in animals, is found in chips and in certain amounts, acrylamide is toxic to the human and animal nervous system. This substance is created through the preparation of food that has been subjected to high amounts of heat while baking and frying foods like chips.

Cancer Packed In Cans

The amount of acrylamide is especially increased in chips because after baking at a high temperature the chips is dried.

All foods that are processed at temperatures above 100 degrees contain this substance.

The level of acrylamide found in chips is much higher than the allowed amount, so much so that in 2005 California sued a company because it didn’t warn customers of the dangerous toxins found in their food products that may affect the customers’ health, states Healthy Food House.

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