Cabbage Juice – Remedy for 100 Diseases and Protects Against Colon Cancer


The relationship between the natural cure and the healthy food is very close. The home-made remedies can be astonishingly cheap. Buying expensive medicine has been presented to people as something obligatory and they believe that that’s the only cure.

On the other hand, while we hope for a miracle the pharmaceutical industry is making big money. So we go back to the root of the cure of the disease which is the consumption of a simple food that is nutritious.

It is not worth to spend a lot of money on medicine that doesn’t work. Today we will talk about cabbage and its incredible benefits. This amazing vegetable extremely rich in vitamin C as it was regarded as precious by our ancestors.

Cabbage contains a lot of vitamins such as B6, K, folate, dietary fiber, minerals and antioxidants. Due to the compounds sulforaphane and glucosionolate which stimulate the enzymes of the digestive system and help the body to detoxify, it also has an anti-disease effects.

The compound sulfophane also protects from cancer. A lot of studies prove that cruciferous vegetables, including cabbage, are the most powerful in the fight against cancer.

To add up, cabbage helps in fighting with diseases such as: breast, liver, ovary or lung cancer as well as other types of this disease, chronic coughing, hangovers, arthritis, inflammations, stomach ulcers, anemia etc.

Cabbage also helps in losing weight, and it boosts our metabolism, prevents the sugar to convert into fat and eases constipation problems.

Cabbage Juice Recipe

The benefits of the cabbage that are wondrous, so here are the ingredients of the cabbage juice:

– A juicer
– Warm water
– One middle-sized cabbage
– A little bit of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)


First, soak the cabbage in the warm water and you then pour apple cider vinegar. Chop of the stem and cut the cabbage two halves.

Moreover, cut the cabbage in enough pieces to fit the blender. Blend one just some pieces of the cabbage until you mix it well. And the rest, you can use it next time.

You can drink as much cabbage juice as you want on a daily basis. However, any excess of drinking the juice may result in intestinal gas and bloating. So, the juice from only one cabbage would suffice.

Depending on the size of the cabbage make only for one use. Consume the mixture in the morning and the one more time in the evening.

Source: Best Herbal Health

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