The Boy Died An Hour After Bathing. All Parents Should See This


A lot of kids have excessive energy and spend the whole day at the swimming pool. It’s normal that they feel extremely tired and want to sleep as soon as they get home.

This is just what Cassandra Jackson’s son told her when he came home from the swimming pool. He was 10 years old and went to sleep as soon as he got home, while his mother was doing the daily chores and not suspecting that anything is wrong. However, when she went to his room to check if he’s ok, she was shocked by the sight.


The kid’s breathing was extremely heavy and he had foam coming out from his mouth. She rushed to take him to the ER. The doctors told her that he had a case of “Secondary Drowning”, which is something that occurs when there is too much water swallowed and it can happen for up to 3 days after swimming.

It’s very rare, but the effects of secondary drowning can be deadly and brutal, if you can’t see or ignore the signs of it. It can also happen in adults.

How does it happen?

Well, when you swallow water from a pool, lake or ocean, your lungs can become swollen and irritated. Then, the lungs are prevented from providing oxygen to the bloodstream and body.

It happens mostly to children. If you have a kid, and it shows some of the symptoms of secondary drowning after spending some time swimming, you should take him to see a doctor right away. They can happen up to 72 hours after the event.

Some of them are:

– Shortness of breath
– Excess fatigue
– Bad mood, anxiety and irritability

Source: Health Online Central

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