Body of Homeless Man Found in Restaurant Was Confirmed to Be Bob Marley

DNA Shocker Body of Homeless Man Found in Restaurant Was Confirmed to Be Bob Marley

Nowadays we live in a world that almost everything is possible. All the time we hear about some unbelievable information.

One of this is that Bob Marley is alive and was found in a discarded cardboard box behind the back of a fast food joint in downtown Kingston, Jamaica. People who were close by was quick to identify him.

This elderly man had no identification on him. The only thing that he had was a faded photograph of the Houses of Parliament in London, a dented tin can be containing a small quantity of marijuana and a battered old guitar.

Authorities had no leads who this man is, but the curiosity of the case was not yet finished. He was taking in the Jamaica’s National DNA Database. When the results came out, there was not a single person who wasn’t stunned.

“I thought it must be a joke, ”Jacob Chambers, the chief coroner told Now 8 News. “My colleague came running into my office waving a piece of paper in the air. ‘You’re not going to believe this’, he shouted. I told him to calm down and explain what all the excitement was about. When he told me, I couldn’t believe it. ”

The results proved that the old man the police had discovered, behind the fast food restaurant was none other than the legendary Bob Marley. “I stared at the results wide-eyed, ”Chamber admits:

“My jaw dropped to the floor. This had to be a mistake. It had always been presumed Bob Marley had died from cancer in 1981 as he made his way back to Jamaica by plane from Germany. But if that was the case, why was his elderly body lying on a slab in a downtown Jamaican morgue?

Chambers suggested that: “Naturally I concluded somebody was playing a joke on us, and told my assistant to label the body as ‘persons unknown’. This would mean he could be cremated by authorities and the death filed as that of an unknown male in his late 60s to early 70s. But it was then that things got really weird. ”

That afternoon the coroner’s office was visited by ‘government officials’. They confirmed that the Marley’s death was faked back in 1981 and the men they found is indeed Bob Marley. On the request of the star who had grown tired of all the attention he was getting and just wanted to live the quiet life of a street busker in Jamaica.

The Jamaican government admitted that had agreed with the plan of Marley and also for doing that they received royalties from his most successful album, Exodus.

As Chambers is describing what he was told, the government removed the body of Marley along with the DNA results and they finally left him with a warning, warning Chambers and his staff to keep quiet about the matters are they would face in Chambers words “serious consequences.


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