An Amazing Discovery: Coconut Oil Can Cure Cancer In Just Two Days

An Amazing Discovery Coconut Oil Can Cure Cancer In Just Two Days

The amazing potential of coconut oil has recently been discovered in the fight against cancer and also shows promising results in curing the cells of different types of tumors in just 48 hours.

Most recent laboratory studies have shown that the main ingredient of coconut oil, which is lauric acid, destroys 93% of the cells of colon cancer within 48 hours after treatment.

According to Health Living, lauric acid poisons cancer cells while releasing it self of oxidative stress (excessive free radicals) and reducing the level of glutathione, chemicals that help cancer cells defend themselves from treatments such as chemotherapy.

An Amazing Discovery Coconut Oil Can Cure Cancer In Just Two Days.

The potential of coconut oil against fighting cancer has only recently been discovered, but its healing power has long been known. As a natural oil, coconut oil is a real cure for many viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. It is good for digestion, the liver, skin and healing wounds.

Coconut oil has also recently been used to treat heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and in the cosmetic industry.


Although this study doesn’t suggest that coconut oil is a cure that will completely destroy cancer, it still gives us knowledge that there are a lot of natural plants that can significantly help in the fight against one of the worst killers of modern times – cancer.

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