After Watching This Video You Will Never Eat Instant Noodles Again!

After Watching This Video You Will Never Eat Instant Noodles Again!

When you are at work or in school instant noodles may sound perfect combination for fast and delicious meal. Also they are cheap, easy to prepare and you can find them in any store.

The bad news is not many of us are aware how unhealthy this food is. The main reason why is, when you eat instant noodles the nutritional value is zero.

Here is some useful information, that will change your mind about buying instant noodles again.

1. High Amounts of Sodium

Sodium, like in many packaging foods is widely used substance. It enhance the taste, but the price for that, is the consumers who are paying. The unhealthy effect it cause is numerous. For example it can higher your blood pressure and increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.
They are rich in low-density lipoproteins that increase the cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. Moreover, if they are fried in palm oil, lard or butter before they are packed they are even higher in saturated fats.

2. Filled With Preservatives

It’’s no secret butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and t- butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) are used in production of instant noodles. This method is used for prolonging the products life.
Even though preservatives are FDA approved, constant consumption for a longer period of time may lead to cancer.

3.Difficult To Digest

This type of food is known that is hard to digest, but what many don’’t know it strain the digestive track, so whole time they are processing, the noodles are in your intestines.
For people who have digestive tract that doesn’’t process these foods easily it may cause big problems. The toxins and the preservatives suppose to leave the body, but in this case it may remain and lead to serious health problems, like: asthma, diarrhea, harm the reproductive organs and cause cancer.

4. Monosodium Glutamate

Some brands of instant noodles have MSG to enrich the taste. Data has shown that people who regularly consume MSG suffer from severe headaches, chest pain, numbness in the neck and the mouth and excessive sweating and flushing episodes.

5. They Are Made From Refined Flour

The white flour doesn’t’ contain any healthy nutrients, this kind of flour is used to produce the instant noodles. The only thing you get from the white flour is the carbohydrates. By that you automatically increase the sugar which may lead to diabetes. All the sugar converts in to fat and these is one of the main reason for obesity, also heart problems.

6. High Levels of Toxins That Are Harming Your Organism

The process usually is consistent of frying them and is no surprise the oil is not changed very often. These harmful process leads to accumulation of oxidized agents which attract toxins.

Watch the video and learn why instant noodles are not health-friendly.


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