A Terrible Itching, Redness Of The Skin – A New Disease Worse Than The Skin Cancer

A Terrible Itching, Redness Of The Skin - A New Disease Worse Than The Skin Cancer

In Serbia, was the case of the six month old baby. “One morning the baby got a rash on the arms and chest, and itching due to the child she could not stop crying,” the mother told reporters.

The pediatrician gave us the cream and said it was a little stronger eczema, but a few days later, the skin began to disintegrate, small hairs appeared, and even the doctors were afraid of my husband and me. A friend told me that the symptoms resemble the inscription which read in the papers – for Morgellons. We told the doctors, but they claimed that our child has nothing unusual, but it is only a skin eczema and that by itself would be able to pull in a week, “said the mother”.

Morgellons is still a mystery to doctors – but the greater panic as it appears in the Balkans. Ten years ago it was officially registered in the US and associated with GMO foods and spray emitted by aircraft for aerial spraying. However, there is still no reliable data and evidence. This disease is still investigating.

In Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, this is the third registered case – the mysterious case, which is published in the media. Journalists say that there are many other cases that do not want to write about them.

These things are moving under the skin, and try to remove them, they emit a sticky silicone material from skin. It’s a terrible feeling when you show up scars on the skin of a child. “Says Aranka, the mother of the child”.

Department of Health and the Public Health Institute “Trampoline” say the disease is not on the list of communicable diseases and are not subject to mandatory reporting, but it is not known how many people are sick because they do not admit to have Morgellons but they claim they have┬ámore unusual eczema.

According to the health agencies of the United States about 60,000 people worldwide are affected by the disease so far.

Patients with wounds consisting of odd fibrous structure, and people feel that they have insects or worms on the skin.

The hairs do not fall into any of the known types of fungi. Symptoms include fatigue, memory problems, blindness, gastrointestinal problems…

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