A Shocking Report: Traces Of Human DNA Were Found In a Hot Dog

A Shocking Report Traces Of Human DNA Were Found In a Hot Dog

Americans are crazy about hot dogs! During Independence Day Americans eat a total of 150 million hot dogs. Hot dogs are an unavoidable product of stands at baseball or basketball games, a perfect meal to “kill” the hunger when you have no time to sit in a restaurant or to cook something at home.

However, the latest research shows that the mistrust towards hot dogs is not misplaced.

The organisation “Clear Food”, which deals with the analysis of fast food based on its molecules, ingredient by ingredient, released a report revealing that traces of human DNA were found in a small number of hot dogs that were tested.

Specifically, 345 pieces of hot dogs were tested; frankfurters from 75 manufacturers and 10 retail traders and 14.4% were proved to be problematic.

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