A Recipe That Many People Swear Cures Cancer

A Recipe That Many People Swear Cures Cancer

This recipe is spreading quickly on the Internet and people argue that their cancer was cured because of it. From what they write, we learnt that they succeeded in regaining their health without surgery and chemotherapy.

The recipe is based on honey and giner and has no unwanted side effects. A woman who was seriously ill and was on life support for 20 days because of cancer of the endocrine glands, claims to have been cured without surgery and chemotherapy and is now “bursting” with health.

To prepare this medicine you’ll need:

two large ginger roots
clean them and blend them
then mix with 500gr of organic honey

The medicine should be kept in a glass jar.


One tablespoon, 3-4 times a day, half an hour before a meal.

In the recipe it is also advised that you use a plastic, wooden or ceramic spoon.

The first effects are usually felt after two to three days, therefore this medicine has healing powers and they say “it will bring you back from the dead”.

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