A Magic Drink: It Melts Away Excess Weight Overnight

A Magic Drink It Melts Away Excess Weight Overnight

You might know about the healing properties of these products individually, but you probably didn’t know that combining these two products helps speed up the metabolism and helps in reducing weight.


2 Tablespoons honey
1 Tablespoon cinnamon
250ml water

The recommended can vary but should always be 2:1. Prepare an amount that you think will be sufficient for you. Boil the water, then cover the pot and wait for it too cool down. Add the honey and cinnamon when the water has cooled down and make sure you never put honey in hot water.

Drink half of the mixture before going to bed and the rest in the morning before breakfast. And that’s all!

Keep in mind that the drink is only effective if taken on an empty stomach, not after you’ve eaten.

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