A Fast Cure For Acne And Herpes That Disappear In 12 Hours

A Fast Cure For Acne And Herpes That Disappear In 12 Hours

Herpes are small, nasty blisters that appear from dirt and stress and can be visible for days. Acne is also a common problem that nobody wants to fight.

However, there is a natural remedy that can get rid of these unpleasant occurrences.
Take a piece of garlic, finely chopped, and place it directly on the herpes. Leave for 10 minutes and then wash with hot water. This method can be repeated 5 times and after 12 hours your face will be visibly clearer.

The secret of white garlic is that it increases the body’s immunity. It is rich in many minerals, contains essential oils, vitamins and is considered a natural antibiotic.

Treatments with garlic are recommended for acne and all types of unclean skin.

Putting a little bit of chopped garlic on the area for a few minutes can make a big difference.

Just make sure you avoid the area around the eyes.

The process can be repeated many times, but for those with sensitive skin we don’t recommend the method more than 5 times per day.

Source: www.healthyfoodteam.com

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