A Beverage That Melts Fat Instantly

A Beverage That Melts Fat Instantly

This healthy beverage should help you get rid of extra weight. Thanks to the ingredients it contains, it will speed up your metabolism and it will cleanse your body from toxins.

What’s important is to stick to the instructions and prepare the beverage properly and drink it regularly. The first results should be visible in less than a month!


1 cup tomato juice
¼ cup lemon juice
1 teaspoon grated ginger
1 chili pepper (or half a Tablespoon ground chili)
2 stalks celery (average size)


Mix the tomato juice and lemon juice, then add the ginger and chili. You will get about 220ml of juice.

Serve in a glass, and use celery stalks as garnish. While you a drinking the juice, make sure that you eat the celery as well.

Drink the beverage 3 times daily between meals. If you prepare one dose for the whole day, store the juice in the fridge.

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