4 Things That Make a Man Lose Interest In a Woman


There are a million examples when two partners are extremely in love with each other, then the man loses his attraction towards the girl. Why does this happen?
In this article you’re going to find out why. Although these behaviors are usually done by women, they shouldn’t be shown by neither s*x.

1. Being indecisive and erratic

Little indecision is normal. However, if the girl can’t do any decision on her own, it’s very bad since she becomes unpredictable. She also confuses the man and keeps changing her mind. At first most guys try to be understanding, but eventually it becomes tiresome so they give up.

2. Forcing some changes

Sometimes, as the relationship unfolds, the woman will try to change her partner’s behavior, looks or even his financial status. As a result, the man’s confidence is shaken and he thinks he isn’t good enough for her. These relationships can be extremely damaging. Making your partner feel worthless is actually abuse.

However, this is very far from supporting your partner and pushing him forward towards his goals and becoming his best self. Never affirming the good things he does and only focusing on the negative can make the man lose interest in no time. This kind of behavior is actually subconscious in most women and they aren’t aware that they’re doing it.

3. Insecurity

If the girl gets too jealous, never trusting the partner and playing victim all the time, interest can be lost pretty fast. Most men don’t want drama and seeing these things every day can make him find someone else who won’t act this way.

4. Controlling

This is one of the worst things a girl can do. Men like to do things their own way, so when a girl tries to control everything they do, it gets annoying.

So, if you’re a woman reading this, think about your behavior. If your partner has been losing interest in you and you feel it, try to see the big picture and if you do any of these things. If yes, try to change them through conversation or just being aware when you do them and stopping.

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