3-Ingredient Overnight Alkaline Water Recipe For Weight Loss, Fatigue and More

3-Ingredient Overnight Alkaline Water Recipe For Weight Loss, Fatigue and More

Water is the most essential element in the human body, over 80 % is water and our brain is 70% water, so a proper water consumption is a must for a healthy body.

It is very important to drink water soon as you wake up in the morning, because the body is for 2 cups dehydrated during sleep. The water is many tame taken for granted, it provides energy, reduces food cravings, helps you focus, and much more.

The benefits are numerous if you drink 2 cups of filtered alkaline water when you wake up, after that everything else can take place.

Diuretics, drink coffee immediately after waking up and that causes further dehydration of the body.
Also tap water is rich in antibiotics, hormones, and chlorine, as well as other metals which directly enter your system.

But be careful what kind of water you are drinking, in some places in the world the situation is much more complicated and fresh water is compromised. The impure water can cause various illnesses. The public water sources also endanger your health.

The balance of the alkaline and acid is vital for the health. When a person has an acidic environment of the body fatigue, low energy, weight gain, digestive issues, and other side effects are experienced.

That’s why it is essential for everybody to consume pure water and fresh organic vegetables.

They might not be cheap, but alkaline water filtration systems are a must. You can also purchase a personal alkaline wand for around $30. The best case is to drink fresh spring water.

This is the recipe of the morning alkaline water:


• 1 teaspoon Himalayan pink Salt
• 1 organic lemon, washed, cut into eighths
• 1 pitcher (64 ounces) of clean filtered water


In the pitcher with water, add the lemon pieces, and then add the Himalayan pink salt. Leave it overnight, or 8-12 hours at room temperature.

Consume two glasses of the remedy very morning right after waking up.

NOTE: People with high blood pressure should NEVER USE this remedy!

Source: Healthy Food House

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