10 Reasons You Need To Drink Apple Cider Vinegar Every Morning

10 Reasons You Need To Drink Apple Cider Vinegar Every Morning

The popularity of the apple cider vinegar nowadays is sky high because of the numerous benefits it provide.

Recent studies show that is very good to drink 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar every morning on an empty stomach.

This will help you in the process of losing weight much faster and also it gives the body various benefits.

Here is a list of 10 reasons as to why you should drink apple cider vinegar:

1. Rich in potassium

It is enhancer for the body to intake potassium, the reason for that is proper build of muscles, transmission of nerve impulses and normal heart activity.

2. Strengthens and whitens your teeth

You can whiten your teeth simply by adding vinegar directly on them and rinse.

3. Prevents sickness with its antiviral properties

It contains antiviral properties which can break up mucus in your body and it can also decrease different allergies.

4. Balances pH levels

Acetic and malice acid are responsible for maintaining proper pH levels and the apple cider vinegar is rich with them.

5. Helps regulate your blood sugar and blood pressure

By adding apple cider vinegar to your meals you can prevent blood sugar spikes and you can increase the blood concentration of insulin which typically happens after you eat something.

6. Aids In Digestion And Helps Remove Your Body Of Toxins

It is very beneficial when it comes to the detoxification process, it supports the work of the liver.

7. Clears Up Skin Conditions And Gets Rid Of Blemishes

You can get rid of blemishes and age spots simply by using apple cider vinegar. Just add some by using a cotton ball and let it stay over night.

8. Aids in weight loss

We have already mentioned that it is excellent if you want to lose weight. It breaks down fats in your body very easily. Just simply add it in water and consume it every morning.

9. Heals unwanted bruises and painful sunburns on the skin

Place a towel with soaked with apple cider vinegar and place it on the area where is the sunburn located. The apple cider vinegar will eliminate the discomfort immediately.

10. Extra shiny and voluminous hair

Wash you hair with apple cider vinegar (after your shampoo), once a week and you will have extra shiny and voluminous hair.

Source: www.mycentralhealth.com

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